White Label Modular Solutions

Plug & Play Modules

If you are looking for new solutions to answer your business or your customer needs partner with PowerAPI for a quick go-to-market.

Presence management

Optimize your business for online discoverability and broadcast your updated information across directories, GPS, search engines and socials. Save valuable time, increase customer satisfaction, and stand out with improved SEO


Review management

Monitor and manage online reputation by responding to customer feedback from a centralized platform. Track customer reviews, respond in a timely manner, boost engagement, and gain insights into customer sentiment and trends.

Order Managment

Order management

Receive and manage orders from as many platforms as you like, but work smarter not harder, with a centralized view and POS connection. Add sales channels and streamline your order management to reduce order errors, save time and money.

Reservstion Managment

Booking management

Keep reservation management simple and reliable to Increase covers and reduce no shows. Manage both online and offline requests in a single view, communicate with your guests, tailor your floor plan to your needs and much more.



Digitalize the procurement experience by ordering directly from a supplier catalogue. Discover wholesalers, choose delivery timings and form of payment, reduce risk of errors and enjoy a reduced supplier time to treat orders.

Developers First

Reduce time-to market with powerful & easy-to-use APIs

With ready to use SDK's or our meticulously designed APIs, you can offer products that exceed your customers' expectations and stand out in a competitive market.

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Tailored Solutions

A suite of products for
all businesses

If you are looking for new solutions to answer your business or your customer needs partner with PowerAPI for a quick go-to-market.


Want to strengthen your brand by answering your networks needs ?

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Public Sector

Have a regional digitalizaiton project at hand? Want to build your own application ?

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Interested in marketing solutions to boost your recurring revenue ?

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Use Cases

Discover our partners

Together with our partners we empower customers and networks with tech that gives them back the control of their business.

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SuperApp is a two sided marketplace providing consumers with a Super App to discover, book, order & pay across 55’000 merchants globally. SuperApp Business offers Merchants an all-in-one platform to manage their entire business (orders, bookings, presence, reviews, suppliers,etc) from one single interface.


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PHAR SA offers its support regarding cost management for purchasing, cost control and fiduciary related activities in the hospitality industry and parhotel.

By integrating suppliers PHAR merchants now have the tools to digitalise their catalog and their customers benefits from an online ordering tool, streamlining the procurement process.


Cost Management

We've partnered with Yollty 🤝 a software that helps local businesses create a Digital Loyalty Program in less than 5 minutes.

To fulfil its mission of "bringing businesses and people closer together by creating long-lasting meaningful relationships" Yollty has boosted its product offering by integrating PowerAPI's presence, review, and reservations management system.


Loyalty Management
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We’ve partnered with GeekTonic a communication agency located in Biarritz 🇫🇷 To continue their mission to “grow their clients businesses” they are integrating presence, reviews and reservation management. GeekTonic also offers: Paid advertising optimization, Social media management, Website creation among others.

Geek Tonic

Marketing Agency
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