of eB2B Platforms:

Value proposition

Develop a stronger value proposition, integrating elements such as loyalty plans, promotions, in-store execution, financial services and one-stop shopping.

New Features

Have access to features not previously available to them such as live transactional data and B2B2C promotions to end consumers.

Digital Reach

The possibility that small and medium-sized companies, which often do not have access to this type of technology, can offer their products and/or services digitally.

Time to Market

Enables large and small CPG’s to executive promotions to final consumers at an affordable cost and faster time to market.

Business Relationships

It allows these companies to overcome trade barriers such as physical distance, logistics costs and language barriers, and establish stronger and more efficient business relationships.

World of possibilities

The scope of eB2B opens a world of possibilities for fragmented retailers, consumer-packaged-goods manufacturers, and consumers.

Who’s jumping on board?

CPG suppliers can access better vertical and horizontal coverage—and, to some extent, reduce their cost to serve. Intermediaries in the value chain gain increased efficiency. And stores see an increase in sales, with less out-of-stocks and better assortments
For Marketplaces:


Companies trying to capture the distribution margin pool, monetize data, and build their own product offerings in commoditized categories. These start-ups are sometimes an extension of B2C e-commerce companies and often act as marketplaces.

For brands like:
For consumer-goods companies:

Consumer-goods companies:

These companies — especially those with well-developed distribution and a competitive cost structure for direct store delivery — are seeking to go digital and create an eB2B offering beyond their own products.

For brands like:

What to look for in a EB2B business platform?

A platform that can help you create adoption and ultimately stickiness through understanding your value proposition and providing a variety of tools to interact with the end consumer.

Ensure all operational information and systems are set up to maximize your existing competitive advantage. Some contributors to profitability are, cheaper last-mile delivery, improved supplier-retailer relationship, enhanced store performance with technology, better data collection, and more.

Scale up fulfilment operations by finding a tool that offers more than an online store. An eB2B platform that enables plug and play functionality to manage and sell products and get closer to your Merchants.

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The Solution:

To not end up with a suboptimal app experience from a large range of devices and software retailers use, a single interface is now a key requirement from retailers.

Built from the perspective of a fast-moving Consumer Goods route to market, you can easily drive order generation direct from your platform with PowerAPI. Rapidly integrate an end-to-end cloud based eCommerce platform with built in Procurement and Sales modules offering simple catalogue management and user-friendly order generation.

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