of eB2B Platforms

Value proposition

Develop a stronger value proposition, integrating elements such as procurement, reviews, presence, bookings web pages to improve the in-store execution, financial services and one-stop shopping.

New Features

Have access to features not previously available to them such as live transactional data and B2B2C promotions to end consumers.

Digital Reach

The possibility that small and medium-sized companies, which often do not have access to this type of technology, can offer their products and/or services digitally.

Time to Market

Enables large and small CPG’s to executive promotions to final consumers at an affordable cost and faster time to market.

Business Relationships

It allows these companies to overcome trade barriers such as physical distance, logistics costs and language barriers, and establish stronger and more efficient business relationships.

A World of Possibilities

The scope of eB2B opens a world of possibilities for fragmented retailers, consumer-packaged-goods manufacturers, and merchants.

Perfect for

Consumer Goods
‍‍Streamline your supply chain with our eB2B platform, designed to facilitate seamless transactions between wholesalers and retailers. Manage bulk orders, track inventory, and connect with reliable suppliers to ensure a smooth and efficient distribution process.

Big Pharma
Enhance your supply chain efficiency with our EB2B platform tailored for manufacturers. Easily source raw materials, components, and essential resources from trusted suppliers. Optimize your production process and maintain a steady flow of necessary inputs to meet your manufacturing demands.

Luxury Brands
Elevate your luxury brand business by adding a suite of product & tools that increase your overall brand presence. Stay ahead of trends and ensure your collections are always stocked with the latest and best materials available

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