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We've partnered with www.ma-presence.online a management tool that now helps businesses and merchants instantly update information across the web. How does it work?Modifying an establishment’s details and review management can be done centrally in just a few clicks. This powerful tool improves your online presence on 20+ platforms, including,, Apple Maps, Waze, , WhatsApp, and many more such as GPS devices, as well as voice assistants.

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We’ve partnered with GeekTonic a communication agency located in Biarritz 🇫🇷 To continue their mission to “grow their clients businesses” they are integrating presence, reviews and reservation management. GeekTonic also offers: Paid advertising optimization, Social media management, Website creation among others.

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The BB®Switzerland agency, a registered trademark and a contraction of "BusinessBooster", manages all aspects of a marketing & communications strategy. From global digital marketing to specific social network management, offline communication, graphic design, video conception and photo shoots, our expert collaborators are able to boost the acquisition of future customers or increase brand awareness.


BB Agency chose PowerAPI as a forward-looking all in one platform with a user-centric approach to innovation and product development. PowerAPI processes an infrastructure for merchants to digitalise their work.


PowerAPI has helped BB Agency launch a new product offering (Ma-presence Online) in order to boost the visibility of their merchants and gather valuable insights and datas.


PowerAPI is taking the entire complexity of building features and solving this in a very future safe way...

This is one of those partnerships that is fairly rare in technology, but it’s deep: we compare notes with each other and so on and | think that’s one of those things that we’re celebrating.

CEO, BB Agency

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