Review management made easy

Build and maintain a positive online reputation through review management. Monitor, manage, boost and respond to reviews on multiple platforms.

Review management

Centralize reviews

Save time by consolidating reviews from multiple platforms into one screen, having response templates at hand, and tools to undertand customer sentiment. Respond to reviews on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor in just a few clicks.  

Get closer to your customers

Engage with customers by responding to reviews, addressing concerns, and providing helpful information. This engagement can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Boost your reviews

Significantly boost your SEO by inviting customers to post reviews about their experience through a SMS or QR code. Increase the number of customer reviews, outweight negative reviews and build loyalty by responding to feedback.

Track your progress

Get valuable data on customer behavior, order trends, and inventory levels. Use this data to make informed decisions about product offerings, pricing strategies, and marketing campaigns.

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Manage connections

Manage connections to the most popular review sites

Connect to Google, Facebook & Tripadvisor
Users signed up rate: +15.6%
Users signed up rate: +15.6%

Manage Reviews

An all-in-one screen to find reviews from various platform and manage them in the same place

Receive notifications for new reviews
Many options to filter reviews
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regroup all event

Analyze Reviews

Filter reviews to understand customer sentiment and help improve or maintain service or products

Filter per predefined keyword
Filter by processing status
Filter by rating or platform

Reply templates

Create reply templates to make responding to reviews easier than ever

Create reply templates, by language, score.
Reply to reviews from a single screen
regroup all event
regroup all event

Boost reviews

Increase number of reviews and outweight negative reviews with review booster

Custom message to ask for reviews
Get reviews via QR or text
Direct reviews to a prefered site

Measure results

What gets measured gets managed, understand your progress over time

Track average score over time
Track the number of reviews
Track response rate
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