The ultimate solution to manage bookings

Deliver the ultimate solution for reservation management, empowering local businesses to take full control of their bookings, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

 booking management

Streamlined process

Effortlessly manage reservations through multiple channels, including website, mobile app, phone, and walk-ins. Eliminate overbooking and missed opportunities with a single, centralized reservation system.

Personalized floorplan

Optimize your seating arrangements with a customizable floorplan that reflects the unique layout of your business.  Divide groups into tables, implement time slots, and much more.

Happier customers & staff

No more lost customers, be aware of the occupancy rate and code tables depending on status. Ensure your guests are satisfied by providing accurate wait times and the kitchen has a clear understanding of upcoming workload.

Integration with other tools

Discover available integrations such as calendars, payment gateways, customer management systems, and marketing tools making it easier to manage booking and customer data.

regroup all event

Build your floor plan

It's only obvious that your digital floor plan should match your physical one

Personalize by floors and distribution
A variety of table shapes
Table dimensions adapted to # of seats
Move tables with drag and drop

Tailor your settings

Enough options to customize your service, not too many to be overwhelmed

Turn booking system on/off
Enable auto or manual accept
Manage number of pax per booking
Duration of stay, time slots, and more
regroup all event
regroup all event

Manage bookings

Online bookings, phone calls, walk-ins? Keep the information centralized and available

Accept or reject bookings
Assign bookings to tables
Customer information at hand
Soon: connect to third party systems

Dynamic supervision

Don't miss out on customers giving exact wait estimates and let the kitchen know their workload

Assign colors to the tables
Follow the stage of each table,
appetizer stage, ready to pay, etc
See your live occupancy rate
regroup all event
regroup all event

Add your widget

An online booking widget is your 24/7 booking channel, and it's easy to install

Enables having your own booking system
Easy set up with a code snippet
Size customization options
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