Mutual success in supply management

Made to enhance collaboration between buyers and sellers. A convenient solution for both, that boosts efficiency and caters to merchants diverse needs.

supply management system

Single ordering tool for merchants

A streamlined process that makes purchasing from wholesalers more convenient. Through a single point
of purchase buyers can browse the catalog, add products to the basket,
and choose a preferred delivery date, frequency and method.

Catalog centric solution for suppliers

A catalog centric solution supports sales, online and on the field. Create custom catalogues, make price changes in bulk, promote new products and review order history. A solution that reduces human error and improves time to treat orders.

Better collaboration

A 24/7 solution that lets buyers order when they want from an up to date catalogue, and suppliers can say goodbye to emails and calls which minimizes their administrative hassle.

For Merchants

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Discover suppliers

A 24/7 hour solution to order from suppliers, discover new products and repeat orders

Order from your supplier of choice,
or browse the different categories
Mobile ordering also available

Order from Suppliers

Build specifically for ordering supplies to be intuitive, the simpler the better

Digitalized catalogue with sections
Preview product details
Add products to basket
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A single checkout cart

A single basket for multiple products and suppliers, saving you time

Choose quantity and confirm request
Comment on preferred delivery date & method

Repeat orders

Weekly orders? You can simply repeat the order instead of starting from scratch

Order history at hand
Download order confirmation
Repeat orders
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For Suppliers

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Set-up your profile

Create your supplier profile with relevant information

Complete your information
Select countries were you operate
Choose your product categories

Upload your catalog

Digitalize your catalog through an easy upload

Upload product info, photo, categories,
price per unit, & SKU's
Create custom catalogs per client
Mark products as available/unavailable
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Edit custom catalogs

Custom catalogs due to special offers, recurring customers or quantities ordered?

Make bulk price changes
Import items from one catalog to another

Receive orders

Keep track of your orders in a single automated platform

Check order status
Download order confirmation
Keep order history for analytics
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