Business intelligence to be brilliant without borders

Intelligence is the fastest and easiest way to integrate AI into your platform or product. From personalised notifications to actionable insights and automation, we’ve put data and intelligence at the heart of what we do to provide a smart business manager for each merchant - fit for the 21st century.

Business Intelligence Platform

Actionable insights

Intelligence provides actionable insights based on data analysis, helping businesses make informed decisions and optimize their operations. This can lead to better performance, increased efficiency, and cost savings.

Scale with new sales channels

Take advantage of using more third party sales channels, or creating your own delivery system without the added effort and admin. Scale operations and handle increased volumes without adding additional resources.

Get market insights

Boost your revenues, visibility and optimize your processes with insightful industry data. Actionable insights suggested by "Intelligence" can help

Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of the competition with real-time insights into customer behavior, market trends, and business performance. Merchants can identify opportunities and respond to changing market conditions quickly.

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