Expand your
presence & reach with business profile

Keep your online information up to date across any online channels with profile manager.

order management

One interface

Add your business information, photographs, catalog, opening hours, delivery partners among other information. A single view to add business information, photographs, catalogue opening hours, delivery partners, among other information.

Automatic updates

Updating information on your business profile will automatically update it across online publishers, as the profile manager is connected to the presence management tool.

Redirection links

Customize where your products appear, so you can feel confident the right shoppers discover your business. Simply add redirection links to help the customer all you have to offer.

The heart of your GBP

PowerAPI is a Google Business Profile partner. Information displayed on the profile manager is mirrored on your GBP. Do not miss the opportunity to stand out by completing all information including, attributes, categories and special hours.

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