Order fulfillment with centralized order management

Manage & automate every step of your orders, fulfillment, and shipping and streamline your inventory.

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Save time & reduce errors

Automate order management by aggregating and synchronizing orders from different channels with an in-house system, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Scale with new sales channels

Take advantage of using more third party sales channels, or creating your own delivery system without the added effort and admin. Scale operations and handle increased volumes without adding additional resources.

Enhance customer experience

Customers like the convenience of being able to order online and track their deliveries. Reduce customer enquiries and complaints by providing live information on their orders.

Data & insights

Get valuable data on customer behavior, order trends, and inventory levels. Use this data to make informed decisions about product offerings, pricing strategies, and marketing campaigns.

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Integrate delivery apps

We know those tablets on tablets are not ideal, so manage them all from a single interface

Connect to the main 3rd party order platforms
Connect to the main 3rd party order platforms
Connect to the main 3rd party order platforms

Tailor settings

A customizable orders system to streamline delivery operations

Auto or manual accept option
On/off button for direct delivery
Select delivery area
Deliver fee split, minimum amount for delivery, and more
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Manage hours

We understand business opening hours do not always match its delivery hours

Personalize delivery hours per day
Gap in delivery hours?, no problem
Exceptional opening? Easily update hours

Manage Menu

Syncronize your menu across platforms, saving time and effort

Organize your items by categories
Mark items as available or unavailable
Make product bundles
Manage your Google menu
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regroup all event

Manage orders

Paperless control of your orders, and optimized communication between the front and kitchen

All orders in a single screen
Preview order details and funnel status
Automatic or manual drag and drop or order status
Enable order tracking even for direct delivery

Orders history

Review the days orders in just a click and review statuses

Search by filters
Updated in real time
Get insights into payments status, and customers preferences
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