For employees, for merchants, clients or whoever your app is made for. Create tailor made profiles with all the information you need.

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Centralized Information

Creating profiles consolidates data into a unified system, ensuring that all information about employees, merchants, or clients is easily accessible from a single point.

Richer Data Collection

Accumulate comprehensive data over time. Each interaction, transaction, or update enriches the profile, providing a deeper understanding of preferences, behaviors, and trends. Your app can thus suggest relevant services or promotions tailored to user habits and preferences.

Enhanced social features

The user profile acts as a social interface, allowing users to connect, share, or recommend services to friends, thus enhancing community-building and user engagement.

Unified User Experience

A single profile means users don’t have to juggle multiple logins or remember different credentials for each service. This creates a seamless experience as users navigate between different functionalities.

Personalized Interface

Customize the profile interface based on user preferences, interactions, and behavior. For instance, frequently used services can be highlighted or easily accessible based on the user's profile data.

Enhanced security

Profiles provide a system of record, ensuring all actions can be tracked back to individual users. A user-facing profile in a superapp centralizes security measures, offering robust protection across all integrated services.

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